Welcome to St Paul Pine Grove Mills!

We celebrate, and seek to understand, our experiences with God. We prefer to find answers to questions instead of ignoring them. Travelers passing through tell us we are genuinely warm and welcoming. We are currently developing and rebuilding our children’s Sunday School program now that pandemic disruptions are less common. Most of our church LOVES to sing. Usually we sing hymns with our pipe organ, but occasionally we sing praise songs with piano or acoustic guitar. Our pastor crafts a new insightful and relevant 12-to-15-minute sermon every week.

Our History Lutheran Beliefs
Our Core Values


"How carefully we considered the four words we chose to describe our values as a church family: FAITH, COMMUNITY, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY. They make me smile, as I think of them in relation to our people. Sometimes they are on the sign in front of St. Paul. On one such day, a member of the Pine Grove Mills Farmers Market, who is not a St. Paul member, came into the church for a meeting. When she said the words on the sign described us perfectly, I was beaming!"   - Linda Rosensteel

Our Mission Statement

We are a beacon, boldly sharing the light of Jesus’ grace and love.

"As a young girl growing up in Pine Grove Mills, I was able to see the steeple on the St. Paul building on Kirk Street. I would say my prayers at night looking at the cross illuminated in the dark and when I became frightened at night, I would look for that light to remind me of God's love and my church family's love for me. I am grateful that our congregation is still that beacon, literally and figuratively, shining into the village of Pine Grove Mills and beyond."    - Michelle McMullen  

Our Action Statement

Guided by Jesus, we strengthen faith, deepen compassion, extend generosity, and serve community.

Recently our community outreach has been focused on the hungry.  We are proud to host the only Farmer’s Market in Ferguson Township.  We provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for low income households to purchase food at the market.  We are also fighting hunger worldwide by contributing one dollar for every person in attendance at worship to ELCA Good Gifts.  We currently are working through a process to listen to our community leaders and neighbors about their current challenges, and I’m excited to see what solutions we come up with! - Jeff Muthler